How to Change language on HTC U12+ With Pictures

Change language on HTC U12+  – Here are some instructions with pictures to change the language on your smartphone from English to any language , Swedish,English, Portuguese,Romanian,Serbian,Bulgarian,Chinese (中文), Croatian, Hindi,  Telugu, Greek, Bengali , (日本語), Lithuanian,  Korean (한국어), Polish, Hebrew, Malay, Norwegian, Thai, Danish,  Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Estonian, Japanese , Latvian, German,  Slovenian , Filipino,French, Russian, Catalan, Hungarian, Spanish,  Urdu, Italian, Spanish,  Finnish, Czech, etc. Read More –  Different sensors of Android Devices

How to Change language on HTC U12+ With Pictures

When you hard reset or Flash Stock Rom your phone, the language problem will rise up.. It mean once you reset  your phone and when you turn on it then it will appears with it’s default language like Korean, Chinese.. It will trouble to you because you are not familiar with those languages.. so, we thought to create this post. Read More  Increase RAM SIZE after root

 Change language on Oppo

How to Change language on HTC U12+ phone

from English to any language

Step 1


  • Firstly go to Setting  (pay attention to icon)
  • Tap “Language” / “Language & keyboard option..
  • Choose Language what you Need and Confirm.
  • The first language in the list is the display language.
  • there is no options to change the language ? then ,  touch and hold equal sign icon next to the language you want, and drag it to the beginning of the list.



Still can’t you change the language on your phone?

(pay attention to icon) We prescribe you to use Google Translator. First of all install the Google Translator to another phone and take a photo of your phone’s screen. After that translator will read it and then you will able to change the language.. If you can’t find then You can Flash whole Stock firmware. Make sure that you are try to install English version and Related to your Country. use this link to Flash Stock Firmware..

If the language and region cannot be changed, or your phone doesn’t display as you selected?

  • First of all backup your data and then reset your HTC device to Factory Settings.
  • Update your HTC device to the latest version
  • Flash English or related Language Stock Firmware.

“Recovery mode” is not my language

How to Change language on HTC U12 life

How to Change language on HTC U12+

We recommend you to install Stock Recovery related to your language. Extract it from your Phone’s Stock firmware and Flash it  or If you cant Extract then You can Flash whole Stock firmware. Make sure that you are try to install English version and Related to your Country. Use above link to Flash Stock Recovery image or Stock Firmware.

Type messages using different languages on your Device

Q: How to type different languages in Viber, Whatsapp , imo, Messenger ?(How to change keyboard into different languages)

  1. Tap Change language on HTC >  > Change language on HTC Settings.
  2. Tap Language & keyboard > Languages > Add a language.
  3. Choose the languages you want.
  4. To change the keyboard language, do any of the following while entering text:
  • Swipe the space bar key ( Change language on HTC ) left or right.
  • Tap Change language on HTC and then choose the language you want to use.


We hope this article help you to solve your problems clearly..


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